Thiago Brayner
Creative/Art direction  |  UX - Interface designer  |  Illustrator  |  Game artist and developer (hobbyist)
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I am Thiago Brayner, and my purpose here is to show you more about the projects I've been working and also about myself. I have been working on the educational and publicity market for more than 15 years, illustrating and helping to shape educational solutions, directing its UX and Interface design. I am used to work under pressure, and I strongly believe in teamwork.

I hope you enjoy it :)











Within this almost 15 years, I have worked on several projects, each one with its own artistical and technical specifications, which helped me to learn the best way to find a direction: never forget for whom you are developing, the main stakeholders, your final users. 


I am positive that a strong cooperation between development, marketing, and design teams is the success key for any project. 


Some projects I've been working on.

English Pen

This was a physical book that would be sold with a digital pen that can reproduce in audio the symbols and some texts, giving children tips to accomplish the tasks.
Role: Character and Interface Designer, Illustrator, and I also helped to create the activities.

"E-Blocks Math" is an interactive table that combines concrete and virtual elements throughout several gamified activities that help children learning Math.
Role: Character and Interface Designer, also helping to create the activities.

Scrabble Math

"Scrabble Math" is a project mixing the regular Scrabble rules, so instead of words, children could work with numbers, learning a little bit of Math and having fun at the same time. It's an educational challenge.
Role: Interface designer and UX Director.

"Mesa TOQ" is an interactive and collaborative touch table, similar to Microsoft's Surface, but filled with several correlated educational activities that help children to construct through collaboration and knowledge sharing.
Role: UX and Design Director, also helping to define the games and activities.

"Aprimora" is an educational solution that uses several advanced algorithms, allowing children to create their own individual knowledge path through adaptative learning and gamified elements.
Role: UX and Design Director. 

"Aprimora EM" is an "Aprimora EF" extension, But it focus on the older students.
Role: UX and Design Director. 

Similar to E-Blocks, "MMD" consists in an educational gamified activities collection, that makes use of Augmented Reality (AR).
Role: UX and Design Director, also helping to define the games and activities.

MDD - Music

"MDD Music" is a MDD expansion that teaches children some music fundamentals.
Role: UX and Design director, also helping to define the games and activities.

Editora Positivo's "ON" is a complete solution for schools, because it comprehends the entire environment, all levels from students to teachers, coordinators, and directors.
Role: Team lead (Interface and UX).