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These are some of my personal projects. I am always playing with some ideas. Most of them remain on the sketch, but there are some ones that I try to bring to a more advanced stage, doing at least some kind of prototype.

Krates Island

Status: Paused

Platform: Unity (C#)

Genre: Arcade | Match 3 


Status: Interactive prototype

Platform: Flash (AS2)

Genre: Puzzle

Super Flappy Soccer Ball

Status: Released

Platform: Unity (Visual Scripting)

Genre: Arcade | Endless


Status: Under development

Relase date: TBA (2018)

Platform: Unity (C#)

Genre: Arcade | Endless

Quiz Royale

Status: Released

Relase date: November 2017

Platform: Ionic

Role: Initial Game Design and Idealization - UI Designer - Marketing management 

Genre: Quiz

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